Monday, March 23, 2009

Section Views, Elevation Views, and Plan Views

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  1. Well done Britta, all the work you have posted has evidently been well thought out and planned. Your sketches relate well to your artists words- I like your neat technique used for these. Your presentation for these is clear and logical, but perhaps you could think more about how they relate to your artists works to make them more "distinctive and significant" as the mark scheme states. Your stairs cross-sections have also been well planned and are neat but perhaps you could include some written notes with these so the viewer can fully understand your drawings.
    My favourite piece of your work to date is your sketch up model #1. I think it is a really clever design that flows nicely between the top and bottom sections. You have utilised your sketchup skills nicely, portraying your idea successfully. The design is balanced and relates well to your chosen words. You could maybe add some more elements to the bottom section, to make it as interesting as the top. Keep up the good work- I look forward to seeing what you do with the final sketchup house.